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We stand behind our services and work to ensure that the value provided far exceeds the cost of doing business with us. 


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Fanlow social media services are designed to generate greater exposure, followers and a return on your investment (ROI). 

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The bridge between you and your customers starts with

A Social MediaSolution.


A gamewe knowhow to play

The landscape of online marketing is forever changing, and as a small business owner you need a team that understands the game and how to play it. 



We take pride in providing professional, personalized service to all our customers/clients. With Fanlow as your marketing partner, you can always expect our very best. 



Through strategic partnerships we are capable of delivering the highest level of diversity when it comes to meeting your marketing needs. Rather it's web design or social media marketing, our team of experts will get the job done. 


First ClassBusiness Solutions

Like most of us you have embarked upon turning your dream into a reality. You made your path clear, established a team and now you are building towards the future. Rather large or small your company has great potential and you live and breath it. Just know we get it, which is why we exist.


Our business model is centered around providing quality service and solutions at a price you can afford. From social media management to website development, we aim to be your number one choice for marketing your business. 


Social Media Management
Strategic Solutions  
Marketing Consultations  

Social MediaServices


We do a complete audit of your social media presense and strategy. 


You will get rich and engaging content to ehance your social media presense.


Your social media strategy will be tailored to your business and your ideal customer. 


We monitor your business's online reputation on review sites like Google and Yelp.


We measure, monitor and revise each campaign to build on the right audience.


We capture those that have shown interest and remarket to  convert them into customers.


Receive comprehensive analytic reports across all social channels, and campaigns.


Our plans are affortable and designed to ensure the best quality results.

Flexible Plans ForYour Business

Fan Social 1

Social Media Management
  • Designated Social Media Consultant
  • Social Media Assessment
  • 2 Social Media Platforms
  • 4 Social Media Post/ Week
  • Social Analytics
  • Reputation Monitoring
  • *Instagram (Addl $25)

Fan Social 2

Social Media Management
  • Designated Social Media Consultant
  • Social Media Assessment
  • 4 Social Media Platforms
  • 7 Social Media Post/ Week
  • Social Analytics
  • Reputation Monitoring
  • 3 Custom Graphics  

Fan Social Plus

Social Media Campaign
  • Designated Social Media Consultant
  • Social Media Assessment
  • 1 Social Media Platform
  • 30 Day Social Media Campaign
  • Social Analytics
  • Custom Graphics
  • AB Testing

Fan Social Premium

Social Media campaign
  • Designated Social Media Consultant
  • Social Media Assessment
  • 2 Social Media Platforms
  • 30 Day Social Media Campaign
  • Social Analytics
  • AB Testing
  • Landing Page
  • Facebook Pixels

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What type of content do you post?

We work with you directly to capture the tone of voice and style you would like us to present to your fans and followers. The type of content we share is educational, informative, trending, and engaging.

Do the posts sound like they are coming from me?

Our posts will capture the personality that you want to present to your audience. You will have complete oversight with every post. You can edit or delete any posting we make before it is published to your account.

Can I still post on my social media accounts?

Absolutely! While you can easily outsource all of your social media management to us, you are free to post to your accounts as well. Our goal is to keep your accounts active and full of useful content. Your job is to answer questions from fans and close business.

Does social media really matter?

Yes! 91% of sites ranking on page #1 in Google use social media to further boost rankings. Combining social media with your SEO campaign can make a dramatic impact.

Should I outsource social media?

Having a social media manager on staff can be costly for most small businesses. Outsourced social media management services free up time so you can focus on more important tasks and keeps your business looking active for people researching you online.

Will you setup my social media accounts for me?

We can setup and manage your company’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google Plus and Pinterest profile.

Does social media work for B2B companies?

Social media isn’t just for consumer brands. B2B companies can benefit from social media management, too. Social media is not limited to consumer brands. Having a presence on social media in any industry helps establish trust and authority.

Can you help me with a website? 

Absolutely! As apart of our continued efforts to meet our customers needs, we also provide website plans that are highly affortable and tailored for you.

What do I have to do to get started?

After you sign up we’ll setup a call to get to know your business and goals. Afterwards, you’ll send us access to your accounts so we can begin optimizing your profiles and putting together content for your campaign. Beyond that, we handle the heavy lifting. Just keep us posted on any updates and we handle the rest.

First classmarketing solutions since 2013.


Social Media Dashboard

Not ready to outsource your social media? Contact us and inquire about our do it yourself platform.

Proximity Marketing 

Send promotional messages to every nearby android device. Contact us for details

Website Development

Need a website for your business? No problem. Contact us for details. 

Search Engine Optimization 

Google search is a pretty big deal. Let us help you get found on the top search engines.  

Text Messaging 

With over a 97% open rate, text message promotions are huge and affortable. Contact us for details.

Email Marketing 

Ready to touch your prospects via email? We can help establish your sales funnel and get you there.

Social Proofing

Need thousands of followers and likes fast? We can do it! We can grow your following in no time. Let's discuss.

Animated Videos

Static Images are good but animated videos are beter. Let's tell your story. Contact us to get started.

Promotional Videos

Video has taken off! Contact us to inquire about your custom promotional video. Now 50% off.

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We offer a free professional consultation that includes: 
1. Full Review of your existing online marketing platforms (Social Media, Website, etc.).
2. An assessment to determine opportunities for improvement.
3. A comprehensive proposal that shows how to yield better results. 

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