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How It Works

We create campaigns that have specific goals, which we call advertising objective, and we create ads within those campaigns to help you reach those objectives.

For example, a you may need a campaign because you want to get more people to visit your website. When we create ads within that campaign, we’ll choose images, text and an audience that we think will help them get that increase in visitors.  Here is what you will need in order to start a campaign:

Business Goal

Your business goal—the reason you’re running the ad

Target Audience

An understanding of who you want to reach

Campaign Budget

A daily or lifetime budget for your ad

Campaign Ad Copy

Text, photos or videos featured in your ad

Outsourcing Your SMS Marketing is as easy as 1,2,3

“For at least 60% of consumers, SMS marketing is preferred to
other email marketing and push-notification services (Forbes).”

Campaign Examples

Stop burning money with Facebook boost and trust your campaign to the experts. 

Intelligence, Innovation, Passion


Social Media Campaign Plans

Check out our awesome plans design to fit any business.


is there a contract?

There is no contract. All of our plans are month to month and you can cancel at any time. 

What Social Media Platforms will the campaigns run on?

Campaigns can be created for both Facebook and Instagram.

How long do campaigns last?

The average campaign can run a total of 30 days and is normally determined by the advertising objective. 

What is an ad budget

There are two separate fees associated with social media campaigns. One is the campaign management fee which covers our cost to build out and manage your campaign, and the second is the ad fee which is paid to Facebook directly to advertise on their platform. 

Will I be provide a report on how my campaign is performing?

Yes. We will meet on a bi weekly basis to go over the campaign stats and to discuss forward strategy, etc. 

Is there any guarantee that my campaign will yield an roi (return on investment)?

We will provide you with a BAND account to centralize ongoing communication. Your account will be accessible via mobile and desktop. 

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